Assorted moving visual images of me doing stuff.  Mostly juggling umbrellas, but maybe some tightwire and other various treasures . . .

Sparkle Riot, 2015
Sparkle Riot 7, 2017
Antipode Test Drive, 2014 (part of an installation at the Chinese American Art Center)
Perşembe Pazarı Pride, 2013  part of an installation for Caravansarai exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey
Champagne P****, 2015  I wanted to foot juggle on a Lawrence Welk set. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite get it right!
Slave Cave, 2016  part of an installation for exhibition in Bromölla, Sweden
Demo Reel for Tightwire Gigging, 1999
"Anika" Demo Reel, 2007
Caravansarai, 2010 A performance at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm