V4L Contemporary Art Umbrella

Together with my sweet Icelandic Viking sugar buns, Árni Guðmundsson, we organize several programs to deliver contemporary art to the middle of nowhere in Sweden, the U.S., and internationally.  

  • Wayside Wondercabinet

Roadside attraction and art museum inside an old fire hall in Neersville, VA. We specialize in the instigation and exhibition of artistic curiosities, and in creating space where unexpected wonders can transpire. We pave an accessible pathway to enjoying contemporary art through activities that engage everyone—from locals to those passing by on their way to somewhere else.

  • V4L Art Valet

Selling  multiples by local and international artists out of a 1982 Serro Scotty trailer, the Art Cart travels to fairs, festivals, wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the Loudoun, VA wine country and beyond.

  • Contemporary and Conceptual Art Lecture and Workshop Series

Just what it says.