Sevinç Gürmen: Turkey's Got Talent

In 2011, I directed a performance in Istanbul for the Galata Visibility Project.  Part of the presentation was an early stage version of the Parasols of Baltimore, and featured Kate Beckel and Sevinç Gürmen as my daughters.

Sevinç is such an androgynous wild card and really embodied the person I had in mind to play "Lola", the lost love of  "Rollo" in my film.   


Owner and Head Instructor at WOW Pole Dance in Istanbul, Sevinç is a natural on the pole, and likes to get freaky and improvisational and her pole antics caused Turkish censors to fine "Turkey's Got Talent" when she was on it.  In Parasols, she will be featured in the scene in which Rollo flashes back  (in a phone conversation with Mamma Every) to his lost love. It is the classic story of the pole dancer who got away.  

Sevinç and I met in Istanbul.  I had just opened an art space and was teaching aerials.  I wanted to know what else was going on acrobatic-wise in Turkey, and some circus friends told me she was teaching a tissu workshop.  I planned to go and meet people and see what sort of community existed.  I wrote to her in Turkish and scared the crap out of her.  Apparently my Turkish was correct, but weird, and she was under the impression that I wanted to teach her workshop for her!!!  Luckily, it turns out she speaks perfect English, so we cleared that up right away!  We have been friends ever since.