Last night I watched . . . "Une Chambre en Ville"


The most unbearable movie ever:  "Une Chambre En Ville".  

Usually, I watch Jacques Demy movies (including "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg") on mute.  But that is if I have seen them before.  I had never before seen this 1982 film set during worker's strikes in Nantes.  So for a tortuous 1 hour and 35 minutes that I will never get back, my eyes feasted while my ears suffered.  Like other Demy films, the sets, costumes and actors were gorgeous.  The music and non-stop singing?  Not so much . . . 


1.)  I am totally going to direct Chrissy Lux sing in a high-pitched, breathy off-tune voice for his role of Jenna in my movie

2.)  Danielle Darrieux is a better version of a mother than Anne Vernon (the mother in Umbrellas.)

 3.)  There aren't enough roles that call for a flasher in a fur coat.