Business card designed lovingly by  Julie Upmeyer

Business card designed lovingly by Julie Upmeyer

Venture.  Enterprise. Job. Scheme. Plan.  There are really no satisfying synonyms for the concept of project.  It is a stale and overused word, but what it refers to is my passion.  I am truly a lover of projects.

At the completion of my last enterprise, I found myself in need of new business cards. Because I  have a thing about umbrellas--not only as an object but as a concept--I felt the need to identify myself under one heading which encapsulated all of my various, assorted, and seemingly unrelated work experience.  

How would we label someone who gets an idea, instigates it, mobilizes, organizes, and oversees all the action needed to arrive at the end result?  We would say that is a person who loves projects.  That is also a person with a new business card and a new title:  Project Manager.